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Chica Baker

Age of Character:33
Race:Hobbit (what else)
Eye Colour:Hazel
Hair Colour:Sandy Brown
Height:4'1 (a little tall for a hobbit)
Weight: don't know never weighed my self
Appearance (Clothing etc.): I am always Cheerfull, I either wear my hair down or in braids for it is just below the shoulder. My shirts normaly have a flowral design, and my pants/shorts/skirt is normaly a solid color that always goes with my shirt.
Personality:happy and adventuress
Occupation (Think of something Unique): rancher and adventurer
Weapons/Talents/Armor: I'm one of the best horseback riders, I can tree hop, and my weapon is a slingshot. My armor is a magical necklace that protects me
Good/Evil:Good of course
History (can be as unique as you wish): I love to read books and sing songs, I can be usualy found siting on a tree branch reading a book. I am destined to find adventures to go on. I have just come of age (which means that I'm 33)and I was very bored of the farm life that I lived. I have two horses they are Kona and Amber. Amber is named that because she is the color of the amber stone with a silver mane and
tail. Kona is a golden palamino and is Amber's half brother. Amber goes everywhere with me and I feel honored that she lets me ride her all over the places. I am one of the best riders even though I am a hobbit. Kona just follows us everywhere and somtimes he will carry our extra luggage or let people that we meet ride him, that is if they are nice and are going in the same direction. I have a brother but I don't see much of him. His name is Otho, and he and I
spent a lot of time climbing trees when we were growing up. I have learned the art of Tree Hopping, which I'm very good at. I am only really good at riding and tree hopping though, however, I have been succesful at corp raiding. I have traveled to many places. Since I turned 21 I have been visiting the elves and running errands for their leader. I
have no need to stay in my homeland, since I don't seem to have very many friends. I'm very kind and love to help others but none seem to really be friends when I need some one to lean on or to talk to. I've been labeled an Elf
Friend. I don't speack their language though. Oh and at any sign of
really dangerous trouble I have a tendencey to disapear.
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